For all abilities, there are painting lessons available. Normal subjects include experimental techniques to landscapes still and life. The offer watercolour painting. Watercolors can be the most challenging skill for an artist to master, because they are impossible to imitate. Learn more!

Due to its unpredictable characteristics, watercolor is an excellent medium for both Figure Drawing and Portrait Painting. This allows it to be one of most exciting mediums. You can meander between complete control and total freedom throughout your painting. This medium is fast, portable and easy to use.

When using watercolor, it is common to use transparent, thin layers of pigment. Through this approach, we have created some beautiful, fragile works of art. Modern day watercolors allows a lot more freedom with regards to material and technique.

American Watercolor Society allows acrylic, watercolor water-media, casein and egg tempera.

Paints can be constructed in watercolors by hanging pigments in water soluble vehicles. Live Models may be created.

A new world of creative possibilities opens when you move from the well-established concept of watercolor to mixed media. Watercolor with ink and other water-based materials, as well as collage, is a very addictive way to express yourself.

Reconstruction, change, building, destruction and editing are all processes that allow a picture to develop a unique life. The painting will slowly come to life and you as a member of Community of Professional Artists become almost like a cajoler, watcher, spectator and knower.