It can be difficult these days for you to stay focused, specific, and clear about your goals. With life moving so fast, there is little time for us to stop and take deep inhales.

I Buy Real Moldavite Stones For Sale that life was much more simple after three years of living and working in Italy. It was everything I had wanted since being in Florence nearly 13 years prior and it was my chance to finally live the dream. My life was simpler than I could have imagined. By riding my beloved pink bike to the supermarket, I was able to easily handle our daily lives. I found that it was easy to manage our daily necessities by simply walking to nearby stores. When I needed to, I could also take a train or bus to Florence and visit my friends.

In addition to my vegetable garden, I was able grow seasonal delicious tomatoes, zucchini, and other fruits. Persimmons were picked from the trees and we also harvested walnuts, figs, pomegranates and persimmons. Last year, it rained three straight weeks of apricots. Basil, Sage Rosemary, Oregano, Basil and Oregano scented the garden and filled it with their tempting aromas. Their luscious flavors were added to my tomato sauces, roasted chickens and pasta dishes. It was more exciting to be outside enjoying the beautiful scenery around me than I did watching television.

These little things had big impacts on how I lived my daily life. I felt relaxed. It was easy to see the beauty of Nature around me.

To the contrary, it was more difficult for me to make a living in Italy. I was unable to find employment despite all my effort, ideas, connections, and resources. Only then did I give in to my frustrations and go back to what I truly loved: designing jewelry. Then, my life started to be simple. You can’t work when you love what you do. Instead, you live your life with passion and joy. You will find that the Universe is on your side, and abundance begins to flow.

You can choose to make life simple. Every day I try to stay focused on my daily tasks and not get distracted by all the chaos out there. To do this, I keep the TV off and my passions on. My best hope to transform the outer chaos into inner peace is by starting with me. It is not my home anymore in Italy. But I will keep it simple.

Rose Quartz, which is a great way to connect to your Higher Heart’s wisdom and all green gems for maintaining your Heart-centered focus and desires are two of my most favorite ways to find inner peace. Gem Therapy is just one option to energy support your life, which I explain in my book Follow Your Heart.

My beliefs include meditation, creativity and the importance of spending time with Nature. If we slow down and pay attention, our world is filled with natural beauty and wonders.

One of the greatest discoveries I made was while doing morning meditations. It was one day that I noticed a distinctive sensation in my chest, akin to a flower opening. It was like a clear vision. I could feel the energy wrapping around me before entering my spine between my shoulder blades. Shortly thereafter, I discovered information about the torus-shaped energy fields that are emitted from each one of our hearts. The results of my research were so surprising that I decided to write ‘Follow Your Heart. You’re Smarter Than You Think!’

You have a purpose in life, which has greater meaning than you’ll ever understand. In a world where things move fast, it is crucial to be aware of why you are still here.